PepperCo CRM
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Whether improving an existing CRM process or creating a new one from scratch, every law firm is different and we work very closely with our clients to design a CRM programme that meets their specific needs.
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Although we work closely with technology providers our service is not about CRM software - it is about designing and implementing a method of engagement with your clients that will ensure retention of those clients while at the same time maximising cross-sales opportunities.

Features of this service include:
  • Workshops to discuss and agree CRM strategy
  • Design and implementation of methods to identify 'key clients'
  • Involvement of your own people in the creation of a CRM process
  • Independent review of key clients where this is considered appropriate
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Identification of additional legal services to be sold to existing clients
  • Fixed fee 'per client per annum'
Please contact us to find out more or for a no obligation initial discussion.
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