PepperCo Legal Services Act 2007
Assess. Plan. Act.
We are all aware of the scope and effect of de-regulation and liberalisation of the provision of legal services – but is your firm in good shape to take advantage of the opportunities that the new regime will create, and to react to the risks?
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We find that most firms have had some level of internal discussion about all this – however, few have acted in a way that is likely to give them the best advantage in the new market that is about to emerge. Many firms are unsure about what steps they should take or, indeed, whether they are in a position to do anything effective at all.

If you are yet to reach a point of clarity, or do not have a clear plan let us help.

We are offering:
  • A one day on site workshop + follow-up consultancy to assess your firm’s readiness for the new regime.
  • The assistance of 3 of the UK’s most experienced business advisers in the area of change management. (profiles)
  • Fixed price service.
  • Same-day feedback session following consultancy with your key people.
  • Full report setting out recommendations for further action and offering guidance on the areas where most opportunity exists.
This will provide you with a comprehensive audit of where your firm is in relation to the new regime; what the next steps need to be for you; and how you can best accomplish these steps.

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